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Friday, April 06, 2007

Happy Easter!!!!

Okay, admittedly the "younger" audience might not get this. But I KNOW there are several of you out there that remember SUPER CHICKEN! :-)

And check out this link for some funny Easter Cartoons:


In my family, Easter isn't a big 'religious' holiday. But we do get together for a big gathering of family and friends. My kids have outgrown the thrill of the Easter Egg Hunt so thankfully I now have a nephew coming into age to enjoy it. So the day will start with his Easter Egg Hunt, followed by lots of food (my fave part) and lots of sitting around, socializing, drinking wine and having a good time (my second fave part). Crossing fingers the weather stays nice to enjoy it outside.

No matter how you celebrate it .... Have a Happy Easter!!!! I'm off to enjoy the good weather and holiday weekend!


Osbasso said...

Sounds like your family gathering is much like mine! Hope you had a good one!

LOVE Superchicken!

Regal said...

Yes I did make artichokes and they went over in a big way. My sister ate 2 and tried to take one as a leftover and I wouldn't let her because my kid and I will eat it tonight. They were D-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s!

Cherrie said...

CALLLLL for Super Chicken!

OK, Chick, bring me some honey-cured ham and a nice bottle of pinot noir for Easter . . .

Regal said...

Well, I'd mail you this last one but I don't think it'd make the trip! If you lived nearby I'd make them for you :)

tkkerouac said...

If I see one more Easter bunny, I'm going to hurl, ox