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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Family Weekend Away ~ Leavenworth

Our mini family vacation was a blast! We had so much fun. Everyone got along and enjoyed each other. My son, who said he would refuse to talk to us the entire trip; talked our ears off on the way there. He spent the entire 2 hours talking about history! OMG...we couldn't get him to shut up. LOL I think I had a permanent smile the whole way there!

We spent the weekend: exploring Leavenworth, shopping, playing games, a mini birthday celebration for my sister in law, and just goofing around. Had a wild game of charades. (I won...thank you very much). Played several games of cards (I didn't win....).

It didn't snow while there:-( BUT, on way home we got a big blast of it on the pass. It was slippery! We came upon an accident where one car had went over the side of road! SCARY Of course by the time we hit the snow; my camera batteries were dead. I was bummed about that.

Overall, it was a GREAT family vacation. I think a much needed getaway for myself, David and kids.

Here's the kids....being goofy in car ride over.

B and D playing in the pool. Did I mention its an OUTSIDE pool and it was about 40 degree' 10:00 at night! BRRRRRR

Getting warm and hamming it up in hottub.

This was the view from our backdeck of condo.

PRIORITIES! David checking his Fantasy Football stats..

D on the ride into town.


David and my grampa...waiting on the WARM side of the street for us shoppers.

Public transportation.

Cute little Bavarian village nestled in the mountains.

The towns MayPole. They put this up about 9 years ago as a permanent fixture. AND WE WERE THERE. K and D remembered the celebration: parade, dancing in the streets ect. B was too little. But it was kinda cool to see it again.

My brother and family, taking a horse drawn carriage ride. My brother looks a bit bored. LOL

Nephew and B rolling down the hill in the city park.

Running back up....

America's Next Top the famous Hat Store

Helium fun! We laughed and laughed and laughed over this. I guess we are easily amused.

Davids turn!

America's Next Top Models part 2

Cleaning up to go home. DARN

Friday, November 09, 2007

Feeling back in the groove...

Today I was able to sleep in...till 9. It was bliss. I havent' been sleeping well, and then getting up early every day this week to argue with wake up my son; has taken its toll on me. So this morning was nice. He got up without me waking him and his sister drove him to school.

As far as D goes things are a *little* better. He is getting up each morning, although its hard for him. I understand that its hard to get up (I mean I was a teen once!) But to yell at me, like he did last week and then tell me he wasn't going to school ect. THAT IS not going to fly. One of his teachers called me with some concerns. I was able to tell her my concerns. We are setting up a conference with all his teachers, us and him to figure out some solutions. I feel that is step in right direction.

We are going away this weekend as a family. Including my mom, grampa, brother and his family. Staying in some condo's in Leavenworth (a cute Bavarian village, nestled in the mountains). Of course D doesn't want to go. But he has no choice...its a family 'vacation'. He informed me "fine, I'll go but I am not talking to anyone'. LOL That cracks me up. I'm sure the weekend will start with him being grumpy. But hopefully he'll mellow out.

I am excited for this weekend. I love this village. AND, they say it might snow!!! Nothing gets me in the holiday spirit more than Leavenworth......and SNOW.

I found out some news on the city situation. They approved the plan that would put the road right thru our home. So yes, they will be buying our home. BUT, the dipshits took so long to decide that they missed some deadline to apply for funding. So now they have to wait till NEXT August. And then who knows how long it will be after that. I was actually at this meeting and got to speak. I told them that me and my family felt like we were in limbo. Now that its a reality...we want to move. BUT, we can't till they buy the house. So we are sitting here in a house that we've been advised NOT to make improvements to. Meanwhile I found the perfect home for us...and we will probably have to kiss it goodbye since we need the money from this one first. And we can't really put this house on the market...cuz who will by a home that is gonna be torn down in a year. They were semi understanding but still frustrates me. I've talked to a few people (my broker, loan guy) and they feel I need to write a letter and send it to the mayor and every council person. I need to make them know what they are doing to us. IT is really stresssfull and I want out of this house now. Yes, I love my home; but it no longer feels like my home. I'm ready to move on. So they need to come up with some alternative to buying our property! Crossing fingers.....

I'm feeling better. It's only been 2 days on all these meds. So probably not the meds; but maybe the hope that they will work. Although I am having this inner struggle with having to put so many chemicals in my body. Before when I was on one prescription; I was fine...but now I am taking up to 6 diffrent meds each day. It kinda wigs me out. I'm taking the wait and see approach..... but I'm not comfortable with all of it. Yet, I know for my health I need to do SOMETHING.

So I must finish packing and cleaning. I hate coming home to a messy home!!!
Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend. I'll be sure to take lots of pictures.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

HNT: From Head to Toe

I felt I was in need of some pampering. So I went and got my hair done...totally changed my hair color. I went back to my natural (for a while). Then I went and had a much needed pedicure.

I'm feeling a teeny bit better now!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

That's it...just give me a cane and some Depends.

I finally had my doctors appointment today. When she asked me if I had any concerns; I told her "where do I begin". OMGosh, I felt like such a hyperchondriac. I went on and on and on. When I brought up my weight, she said 'lets tackle these other issues' then deal with that. As suspected I am severly anemic and my thyroid is severely out of whack. What I didn't suspect was my cholesteral was HIGH, I have seasonal allergies and am depressed. (Okay I had a sneaky suspicion on the depression).

Gosh, I feel so old now. I have a million prescriptions. I had to make some notes so I can keep track of what to take and when and how many.

I'm not really into pumping my body with all these meds. BUT, if I can start feeling better then it will be worth it. And I plan on doing some research on each and maybe some alternatives to them to help with the "conditions" that I have.

I'm just hoping that I get back to feeling somewhat healthier than I do now.

Monday, November 05, 2007

Do they still have bootcamps for teens?

I'm just having a crappy morning.

I had my 2 year old nephew all week. I enjoyed it SO MUCH. Yet today was looking forward to sleeping in, since he was now at home; hogging his parents bed. But NO, I had to get up early to ATTEMPT to get my 15yo son out of bed and off to school. It was a battle. And to be honest...he is still in bed. I am at my witts end with this one. SERIOUSLY There is no reasoning with him. He says he hates school and is gonna flunk out anyway so why go? I'm so tired of arguing with him. I've decided to call the school and set up a meeting with his counselor, us and him.

The thing basically he's a good kid. Just NO MOTIVATION at all. Which is hard for me since he is complete opposite of his older sister who I had to FORCE to stay home from school when she was sick. UGH

There are times I think, FINE....if he wants to be a loser and fail school....let him. But of course there is the other part of me that thinks its my job to do everything thing I can to help him and try to motivate him to move forward.

Tonight I think we will be sitting down as a family and setting new rules and such.

Sometimes being a parent sucks!

On a lighter note: I was reading blogs this morning and all of a sudden I hear this huge FART. son has this remote control fart machine. Well the noisebox was sitting next to the computer. I'm thinking "WTF" and then I see the remote part in my dogs mouth. LMAO Not only did it give me a laugh...but scared the shit out of me.

Friday, November 02, 2007


Life is hectic for me. Between not feeling well (drs appt next week), working, having my 2yo nephew for the week, and teen drama; I haven't had much time to blog. Heck, I haven't even had time to read YOUR blogs!
I'll be back after the weekend. Hopefully with lots of interesting things to say:-)

My new favorite quote:

Letting Go
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