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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Top of the World on a Blistery Day

What does my son do when he has some free time?  Jumps into a friends 4x4 truck and heads up to Mt. Pilchuck to check out the snow levels. 

AMAZING view!!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Full Circle Farm

Yesterday, I mentioned picking up my vegetables from Full Circle Farm.  I thought I would take some time to share what they are about and why I love them so much!!

Full Circle Farm is a local farm  that provides farm fresh organic food.  I started with them about a year ago and LOVE them.  They offer a program of buying a subscription to their FARM TO YOU program.  For a weekly fee, I get a box of tasty organic produce.  They have several "pick up" spots around Puget Sound.  (I pick mine up at Grilla Bites, in Snohomish). 

Their box of "goodies" is available year round (which is not always the case in other local CSA type farms). In my box I get food grown from their farm, food grown at other local organic farms and occasionally out of state organic farms.  They have a network of organic farms that help supplement my box each week to provide a well balanced variety

Another thing I love about them; is thier Green Grocery.  I can add other products to my box each week.  Depending on the season they offer cheese, herbs, freshly baked bread, chocolate, tea, coffee and even flowers.  They are currently looking into providing milk and meats!!!

Before I joined them, last year, I did a lot of  research into other farms.  I feel that Full Circle Farm is the best out there. ONE thing I liked was if I didn't want to...I didn't need to buy a YEAR subscription.  I could do weekly subscriptions.  Also, most of my subscription is managed online.  I get a weekly email that lists the upcoming selections in my box.  I can go online and make substitutions, shop from the Green Grocery or even cancel a week if I am out of town.

The most important thing to me is I totally trust them. If they provide produce from other farms....I know I can trust that farm too. 

In this age of Fast Food and highly processed food; I think that eating 'greener' is very important.  Becoming a member of Full Circle Farm was the first step for me.  A step that I am so happy I made!!! 

Check out their FAQ's for more info.   Make sure you take the time to really explore their site too.  They have lots of good info regarding why organic food is so good for us...and the enviroment.

I'm off to gobble up the rest of that Pasta Primavera........all made with vegetables from Full Circle Farm!!!