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Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Soo, as my title suggest; I am a total random person....full of contradictions and various interests.

~~I love to be a girly girl, get all dressed up in designer jeans and nice jewelry...and go out on the town. Yet the next day you can find me in dirty jeans and a 3 day old tshirt (that I picked up off the closet floor) with greasy hair pulled into a ponytail.

~~I love to shop for clothes, jewelry and fun things like that. Yet my current obsession is being FRUGAL and saving as much money as I can on groceries.

~~I LOVE all the gossip sites. AND I have some defininte views when it comes to politics.

~~I'm a mom yet I love being sexy and things that go with it.

~~I LOVE to cook. I love to find new recipes and try them out. But I also love having someone else do the cooking for in some really good resturants!

Having said all that, there are days where I wonder exactly what this blog is? I have days where I wonder if I should start other blogs: FRUGAL blogs, cooking blogs, family blog? I also wonder if I have readers if they prefer one to the other?

I have finally come to the realization that THIS blog is MY blog. And as the title says...its gonna be RANDOM. For me, blogging is all about a place to journal. Sure its also out there for the world to read, but if its my blog I should feel comfortable with what it is. And not worry about attracting certain readers as opposed to others.

Expect that one day I might talk about my weight loss struggles, another day I might post my grocery savings, the next will be pictures of my recipes and then yet another day might be thoughts and vents. And yes I will post the occasional SEXY topic. (nothing toe curling....LOL)

Its gonna be a variety.....but again....I'm a RANDOM person so my blog should be as well:-)


I have to brag! Trying to save money. So I have been cutting coupons, watching sales ads and reading a lot on the internet.

Yesterday I did my "big" grocery shopping trip. I saved so much, I can't beleive it.
Original price: $208.59
Savings: 125.51
Out of pocket spending: 83.08!!!!!!

Go ME!

Saturday, September 06, 2008