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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Graduate

After a year of taking prerequisites, then two years of nursing school; Kayleigh has graduated!!! All her hard work paid off. There were many gatherings she missed because she had to study, and many nights of going to bed early. But she finally did it. We are sooo proud of her. She is taking the holidays off then hitting the books in January. Testing is end of January. And the best part is she has a job already lined up. After she passes her test, she starts working at the local hospital!

The proud parents with Kayleigh at Graduation:

The whole family:

Monday, December 01, 2008

Our 'big ass' Christmas Tree

We got our Christmas Tree today. Every since we have been married, we have always gone to local tree farm and cut our trees. One of the benefits of living in WA State...there a million tree farms! And at the tree farms, you pay AT LEAST $40. And that is just for the basic tree. I always like the nicer ones and end up paying way more. Well last year we went to the Ranger Station (about 11 miles from our house, up the Mountain Loop Highway). Got a permit for $10. And we spent the afternoon driving around the mountains, in the snow, looking for a tree. WE HAD A BLAST. All three kids went and they had so much fun. We stopped several times so the kids could take pictures of the awesome views. And we were WAY UP THERE. (Of course we took a few side roads to test Davids truck out on the trails. It was fun....bouncy....but fun:-)

THIS year, we headed out again. Unfortunantly all the kids had plans for the day, so it was just David and I. It wasn't quite the fun experience as last was POURING rain..nothing like last year when we had tons of snow. But we took the dogs and didn't dwell too much that the kids weren't with us.

We are in the new house so we wanted a really tall tree to fit our vaulted ceilings. We finally spotted the perfect tree!

David proceeds to cut it down then we realize it is REALLY big. So David gets to work on trimming it up a bit.

Now its time to load it in the truck. HOLY SMOKES. It barely fits into the truck. OOPS....looks we did get a bit over zealous.

So it took a bit of finangling to get it into the house...and even more manuevering to make it STAY put! But its up...all decorated and SO BEAUTIFUL. And for TEN DOLLARS.

My nephew Easton said it looked like a monster, the first time he seen it! LOL