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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My life...lately

So yes, I have been busy. Oh so busy.

Hmm, lets see. Working hard on this new healthy lifestyle change. Which means lots of exercise, lots of research and lots of reading of all things healthy. I REALLY am enjoying two books. Dr. Oz's 'You on a Diet'. And Bob Greenes 'Best Life Diet'. Both are WONDERFUL books. And neither is a DIET...yet more a way of life.

Okay...what else? Oh...D had surgery on his knee. On VALENTINES DAY. That made for a sucky VDay for me. And I have spent the last 5 days cooped up in the house, answering to his every beck and call. I'm beginning to think he is milking it now.

Been working a lot. Or should I say trying to work a lot. Working hard at drumming up some business. Real Estate is kinda funky right now. So doing everything I can to get more business.

But the big exciting news! My brother and David have been building a brand new house. It is on the property behind my brothers. Originally it was for my mom and then they would sell it in a few years and use the equity for her retirment. that has all changed. She will live in it till the city buys our house and we are ready to buy it! Then she will move into the FULLY, FINISHED downstairs (complete with kitchen). She will have money for live "with us" as she gets older and needs more care.

So now that I know it will be "mine" down the road....I have been spending more time over there helping to get it finished. There are some design changes I will make and paint choices. But I LOVE it. I can't wait. I am already buying stuff for it. (I know..silly me!).

So that has been my life of late. Now that things are all balancing out....I plan on being on the blog more...and reading everyone elses:-)

Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday Weigh In

As of today I have lost 19 pounds since beginning of the year. I am right on track for where I want to be!

AND...I went in Friday to have my bloodwork rechecked. I am proud to say that I have reduced my total cholestral by 43 points! I'm still working on it....but that was AWESOME news to hear!!!

I'm working on a update post for tomorrow. Been busy, busy, busy:-)