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Monday, April 30, 2007

Remembering Renee'

The other night I started a new book. I was a few pages into it and I thought 'oh man, I need to email Renee' about this one. She will love it'. As I was thinking that....something didn't feel right about the thought. Then I remembered. Renee' passed away 3 years ago!

The thing is, Renee' wasn't my best friend....nor were we extra close. We met in a moms group. We did spent a lot of time the group. Even went camping together several years in a row. And we each were better friends with others in the group.

But we shared two common interests. Good books..........and Rock & Roll. LOL We were the same age...a bit older than most of the other moms. So we had similar tastes in music. She was a HUGE Bon Jovi fan; I was/am a HUGE Motley Crue fan. And we also loved reading. Similar styles in we loved books that made us laugh.

Most of our friendship was online. She would email me when she would info on Motley Crue, I would email her the newest gossip I found on Bon Jovi. We always emailed each other book recommendations. Many times we had the same "to read" lists. We both LOVED Janet Evanovich books. Even spent a good deal emailing back and forth about the characters.

As the kids got older the moms group gatherings got more sporadic. I still keep in touch with a few of the gals, even though we have all gone in different directions. A few years back I got a phone call that Renee' had cancer. Was in the hospital. We all got together and visited her. Several months later; Renee' died. Once again, many of us got together and attended her memorial.

I am sad that she isn't here anymore. I am sad that I often think to email her a pic of Jon Bon Jovi or a new book title, only to remember she is no longer with us. I am sad I didn't know her better.

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