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Wednesday, March 14, 2007


I'm sleeping....that rock hard sleep that occurs from time to time that I just love! Deep sleep. PURE BLISS.

All of a sudden Little Dog barks, right in my ear. I scream, open my eyes to see Big Dog staring RIGHT AT ME. I scream again and jump out of bed.

Okay, Okay....deep breath. WHEW, its just the dogs. Big Dog needs to be let outside. So I stumble to the door......let him out...... and stumble back to bed.

I glance at the clock. HOORAY....its only 12:30. I still have at least 6 more hours to sleep!!!!!!
I LOVE TO SLEEP. I get such joy when I am woken up and realize it is still early and I have TONS more time to sleep.

I get excited to go to sleep. You know that thing we do when we are excited: clench fists, clench jaw, tighten up muscles so much the body shakes a bit. I DO that when I amthinking about getting ready for bed. Then I crawl into bed and think to self "okay, whats on the agenda for tonight"

That is my favorite part of going to sleep. I don't think about the bills, Kids, Husband or any messes in my life. Noooo, I either drum up some fantasy involving a random celebrity, or a daydream of being the hot chick at a party, or imagine a endless shopping spree at my favorite mall. Most of time I never finish my thoughts completely as I fall asleep. Sometimes I continue them the next night.

Having said how much I LOVE to sleep.......obviously I HATE waking up. I"m not very nice, especially if I get woken up too early or in middle of a really deep sleep. Guess its safe to say I am not a morning person!

There are days I could sleep till noon. HECK, who am I kidding....there are days I HAVE slept till noon!

Sometimes I think I am wasting time....sleeping so much. But I justify it by thinking that I NEED that much sleep. LOL

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