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Tuesday, March 20, 2007


So a few months ago, I turned the big 4....0. No biggie, right?

Well apparently it is to EVERYONE else.

All last year when someone would find out I was 39, they would say, with pity in their voice: "ohhhhh you are going to be FORTY" (Yes, the word FORTY was always said in a whisper. Like it was some sort of contagious disease????) I got teased all year long about turning FORTY. Even my dad, who was turning SIXTY, would say "hahahaha, you are gonna be 40, are you scared?"

Um, NO! I have no problems turning FORTY. Yah sometimes it does suck to get older. But it happens and we accept it. Can't stop it. And not sure when FORTY became the number for old age?

Other that needing to lose some weight, I don't think I have AGED too bad. I have nice skin with one or two "wrinkles", and I take care of myself. So not like I turned FORTY and fell apart?

In my experience, turning FORTY has been fun. A cousin, who is a few years older than myself, recently told me there is good and bad about turning FORTY. She really didn't go into the bad but did say that the sex was better. I think so!

So really unsure what the big deal is all about? Anyone care to enlighten me????

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Sexy Vixen said...

when I was 38 my mum asked if I would like a party for my 40th. ???? I wasnt even 39 yet. No I did not want to make a big deal out of it. But then I was diagnosed with cervical cancer, went through all the treatment. I recomend prevention rather than cure!
When I turned 40 I did have that party but not so much because 40 was I had my party to celebrate that I was still alive and ready to kick start my life. I do have to say that although I have been through some bad times in the last few years. I have found my 40s to be the best years of my life so far.