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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Drifting Away

I'm soooo excited. Husband and I are taking off for the weekend. We are heading to the woods/river to stay in our family cabin.

Okay...okay...I use the term 'cabin' kinda loosely here. The cabin is actually a HOUSE with two bedrooms, two living rooms, two bathrooms, a big kitchen, electricity AND cable TV (two of them). But even with all the amenities, you can't help but feel tucked away when you are there. It sits on the river, nestled among many mountain peaks and trees.

YES, I am excited. (can you tell?) I've been working hard. He's been working hard. We haven't had a mini vacation for a while now. He actually has had a few weeks off here and there since the holidays. But each week was spent doing projects around the house. AND this week while on vacation he has been working at my grampa's house.

The kids will be coming up on Saturday. Possibly with friends. That is the only downside. LOL BUT we do get Friday night alone. AND.... I... CANNOT... WAIT. Something about the fresh air, sounds of the river and being 'alone in the wilderness' always makes for a VERY FUN night.

Also the next door 'neighbors' are good friends of ours. They called to say they were going up as well, so that will be fun to visit with them.

The first thing I am gonna do when I get there is: put on my old jeans and my cabin sweater, grab my slippers, throw the hair in the ponytail, have a beer/glass of wine/mixed drink and RELAX!!!! WAHOO

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend....I know I will. :-)

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