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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Must ......have.....water......

Sitting here; reading blogs, drinking my coffee....TRYING to wake up...not really in best of moods.

Oldest kid: "mom, the water isn't working".
ME: "what do you mean the water isn't working"
Oldest kid: "what part of NOT working do you not get....its NOT working...NO WATER is coming out of faucet".
ME: "let me see..." (sure enough its not working)

So I call our small city hall where the water dept is. I explain the situation. The gal on phone then proceeds to explain to me: "yes, we are working on the water should be back on BY THE END OF THE DAY."

OMG...none of us have showered, I'm expecting company and have yet to clean my kitchen, AND am watching my toddler nephew. JUST GREAT...all freakin day w/o water?

What pisses me off most is NO NOTICE that they were gonna do this. They just shut it down. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

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