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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Back to Reality

So I/we made it back from the cabin. OH BOY was it a fun weekend. There was TONS of snow so that was fun.

Nothing like hanging out with friends, drinking wine and sitting by the fire. We even managed a trip to the local bar for burgers and beer. That was a hoot! And we also enjoyed some spontaneous snowball fights with the kids on Saturday!

And yes, Friday night, Husband and I got in some very special 'alone time' in the bedroom. It wasn't as wild as usual since the youngest kid and friend ended up coming up with us that night. So the thought of two pre-teen girls in the next room kinda quieted the mood. LOL was still...... enjoyable. It's kinda odd; how no matter what is going on in our lives, we just assume that going to the cabin goes hand in hand with some wild sex! And LUCKILY, it always happens that way.

The only downside is coming home. UGH...I hate cleaning up to leave. It never seems like enough time there, no matter how many days we stay. Husband says he'd love to live there, but I think if we wouldn't be so special to be there day in and day out. The anticipation of going there to get away is what makes it such a special place to us.

Now we are back to our "real lives". UGH! I am already checking out calendar to schedule our next weekend to cabin.

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