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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

That's it...just give me a cane and some Depends.

I finally had my doctors appointment today. When she asked me if I had any concerns; I told her "where do I begin". OMGosh, I felt like such a hyperchondriac. I went on and on and on. When I brought up my weight, she said 'lets tackle these other issues' then deal with that. As suspected I am severly anemic and my thyroid is severely out of whack. What I didn't suspect was my cholesteral was HIGH, I have seasonal allergies and am depressed. (Okay I had a sneaky suspicion on the depression).

Gosh, I feel so old now. I have a million prescriptions. I had to make some notes so I can keep track of what to take and when and how many.

I'm not really into pumping my body with all these meds. BUT, if I can start feeling better then it will be worth it. And I plan on doing some research on each and maybe some alternatives to them to help with the "conditions" that I have.

I'm just hoping that I get back to feeling somewhat healthier than I do now.


Blissfully Wed said...

My best to you.

TK Kerouac said...

sluggish thyroids cause depression.
Oprah just admitted that in the summer, she wanted to go to bed and sleep the day away, everyday

She packed on 50lbs

went to have her thyroid checked out after suffering all summer

it was thyroid