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Monday, November 05, 2007

Do they still have bootcamps for teens?

I'm just having a crappy morning.

I had my 2 year old nephew all week. I enjoyed it SO MUCH. Yet today was looking forward to sleeping in, since he was now at home; hogging his parents bed. But NO, I had to get up early to ATTEMPT to get my 15yo son out of bed and off to school. It was a battle. And to be honest...he is still in bed. I am at my witts end with this one. SERIOUSLY There is no reasoning with him. He says he hates school and is gonna flunk out anyway so why go? I'm so tired of arguing with him. I've decided to call the school and set up a meeting with his counselor, us and him.

The thing basically he's a good kid. Just NO MOTIVATION at all. Which is hard for me since he is complete opposite of his older sister who I had to FORCE to stay home from school when she was sick. UGH

There are times I think, FINE....if he wants to be a loser and fail school....let him. But of course there is the other part of me that thinks its my job to do everything thing I can to help him and try to motivate him to move forward.

Tonight I think we will be sitting down as a family and setting new rules and such.

Sometimes being a parent sucks!

On a lighter note: I was reading blogs this morning and all of a sudden I hear this huge FART. son has this remote control fart machine. Well the noisebox was sitting next to the computer. I'm thinking "WTF" and then I see the remote part in my dogs mouth. LMAO Not only did it give me a laugh...but scared the shit out of me.


SoCal Sal said...

A dog activated remote farting machine. Man, I gotta get me one of those. LOL

It didn’t smell like dog farts did it? LMAO!

I hope the rest of your day goes better.

Ms.L said...

Ohhh I know what that's like...our boot camp is Grandma's house and my kid has already been threatened to be sent there this week,lol

May be your boy is depressed or suffering from SAD? I think it's pretty normal at this age and it would explain some of his behavior.

Chelle said...

Being a parent does suck sometimes! Though i know there are times when you just want to stop the arguing and say whatever...just do whatever....but then the realistic parent side says we have to be the responsible person here! *sigh* It's tough. Maybe there is some other underlying reason that he doesn't want to go to school. I think a meeting with the school counselor is a good idea. Good luck with this. I know it's not easy.


Oh yeah..the fart machine thing is hilarious! hehehe

TK Kerouac said...

oh the joys of teen years...
I went grey, sorry, can't gloss over this one for ya