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Saturday, September 29, 2007

Best Margarita's EVER

1 can frozen Limeade
1 can light beer (we used Bud Light)
1 can Sprite
1 can Tequila (use the empty can from the Limeade)
I add fresh sliced limes, serve over ice, do not blend!!

Me and my girlfriend just polished off two pitchers of these and declared them the BEST Margarita's EVER!


*sadly we didn't think to take a BEFORE picture with the pitcher FULL of margarita's.


Chelle said...

Beer in margaritas??? Hmmmm I never would have thought.....but hey...sounds delish! I might have to try that!!! lol

'Just Me' said...

I thought it was sooo weird too. Then I remembered my uncle had a famous recipe for margarita's that used beer. So I thought I would at least try this new recipe.
YOU GOTTA TRY them. You don't taste the beer..yet it gives them a great tasted.