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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Yada Yada Yada.....

So I haven't really been inspired this week to blog. Not sure why? Not that I am overly busy.

K is getting ready for her third quarter of nursing school. Starts next week. She is excited to get back into it after having so much down time during the Summer. PLUS her boyfriend headed back to school over three weeks ago! So I am sure these last few weeks have just gone so slowly while she waiting for her school to start up. She is a bit nervous. She saved $40 by ordering her books through Amazon...and they still aren't here. FIGURES.

D is getting ready for homecoming. Which equals $$$$ I really liked it when K was in school and her dates paid for most. Now I am on opposite side of the coin and it sucks. And it doesn't help that he has to attend EVERY thing. I'd tell him that I just don't have the funds this dance...but of course he already asked someone and she bought her dress. UGH So I will fork out more money to help him out. I told him next dance, he needs to plan ahead and EARN the darn money!!! OH well....I just keep telling myself that he is making memories that he will look fondly back on. LOL

B started school today. She goes to a 'alternative' school. It's a Parent Partnership type school. VERY cool. Has some of the best teachers and offers some really unique classes. But being that its PARENT Partnership; I am on campus with her most days and volunteer around the school. Not so bad; if it wasn't for the million of fundamental religious freaks that I am surrounded by. I am a BIG supporter of freedom of religion but apparently these people ARE NOT. As soon as they figure out who doesn't attend any sort of church; they are snubbed. THANKFULLY there are quite a few of us "rebels" so I am not alone. But the energy in that place can be soo taxing on me. I won't even go into the time I was in the parent area and said FUCK when I got a papercut. That was FUN! hehehehe

As most know, the real estate market is slow. So I have a bit more time on my hands right now. I am doing lots of marketing and working it every day but with not a ton of clients....I'm bored. LOL I can only do so much searching, newsletters and such each day. But I am confident it will pick up.

So that is my life lately. Kinda dull...other than the time I said FUCK around the uber Christian parents at B's school. hehehe

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