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Friday, September 21, 2007

Religious Stepford Robots.

DISCLAIMER: I am a strong beleiver in Freedom of Religion....ALL religions. AND, I am a strong beleiver in the fact that there is NO right number of kids a couple should have. You can have 1...or you can have 20... if that is what you chose to do. AND I am a strong beleiver in the fact that each family has their own set of rules and boundries. As long as they are not HURTING anyone....they don't have to be the same as mine.

Having said that. I AM So tired of religious zealots. The ones who can't think for themselves but need to be told how to think, feel and what to beleive. The ones that think there way is the ONLY way.

I am surrounded by them at B's school. There are days I hate being there. For the most part I don't really socialize with these parents...but SERIOUSLY the energy is so damn suffocating. I swear I can see it hoovering over the place. It's only Day 2 of the school year and I couldn't wait to leave the place. I seriously had to take some deep breaths as I left, just to cleanse myself of all that CRAP.

So today, I'm sitting there trying to read a bit. Various conversations going on around me. One gal is talking about her bible study group. Okay that is fine....if thats her thing. One parent is reminding her kids to pray before they eat their meal. Again fine....if thats what they do.

But what grabs my attention the most? Some woman (who has 7 or 8 kids...I have lost count) telling some other moms that when she was newly married and got pregnant for the first time; she had a dream. In her dream God TOLD her that he chose her to have a big family. She woke up and told her husband "looks like we are gonna have a big family".

(AGAIN, fine if this is something you and your husband decide.....)

BUT then she goes on to COMPLAIN that it's out of her hands. It's not her choice. It's Gods choice. There are days she questions if God made the right choice.

FUCKING HELLO????? Are you kidding me? It's out of your hands? What kind of moron are you?

I wanted to lean over and say "hmm, did you ever think that maybe God was WRONG" LOL

SERIOUSLY, she has a choice. If she TRULY doesn't want all these children then do something about it. Buck up and quit being a follower and think for YOURSELF!


Lori said... flipping annoying is that woman!?! I wish I'd been there, because I would've turned to her and said, "When God said, "Go forth and populate the Earth," he didn't mean you had to do it all!" Moron!

'Just Me' said...

LOL Lori.
Very good point!!! Wish I had thought of it....although who knows if I could have actually said it.

Chelle said...

Yeah I am all for people having their own religious beliefs, too...but damn. THis lady nees her head examined i Think. Out of her control? Here's a fricking tip lady...CLOSE YOUR LEGS!! GET BIRTH CONTROL. TELL YOUR HUSBAND TO KEEP IT IN HIS 0PANTS!! lol Shit!! lol Out of her control my ass. Stupidity should be painful!