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Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Well I finally got all the leftover junk packed up from our garage sale. It only sat in our yard two extra days. I'm sure people in town loved that I added to the reputation as a hick small town. Very trailer trash of me. LOL And while I really appreciated the people that came by and took stuff off my hands, FOR FREE.....I can't help but wonder where these people where when I was actually selling this stuff for DIRT cheap? Normally I wouldn't complain. But we do this sale every year. The proceeds go to my kids school clothes. I guess after last years $900 success, I am a bit bummed out this year that we didn't come close. I just need to accept that last year was a fluke. sigh......looks like I will be coughing up my OWN money this year for their clothes.
I'm kinda feeling funky about school starting back up. Usually by this time I am so ready for those 'back to school' routines to kick in. And while I think I will get a better grip on the household routines (housework, cooking meals), I am kinda sad for the kids to go back. I think this Summer just went by way to fast for me.
I'm in a wierd place right now with the whole city buying our house situation. They say if things were all to fall into place that it would be a minimum of two years before they were to begin demolishing my house construction on the new road. However they said the city still could approach us in 6 months with an offer. AND they said they were very concerned about our feelings. LOL I'm thinking that tomorrow when I go into town hall to pay my water bill; that I will tell them to give me AT LEAST a year before they make an offer. I just don't see us ready to move that soon. WE could negotiate to rent back till they are ready to begin construction. But I want to reinvest the money into a new house. I just need AT LEAST a year to get our credit back in shape and maybe even put some extra aside. We always talk about moving...but now that its a reality it freaks me out. I feel kinda like the decision was taken from me. I want to move on my terms...not the cities. AND on top of that. I'm a real estate agent. I did a search. I do not like ANYTHING that is currently listed in our area, other than a few unattainable high priced homes. So I need time!

What this had done though, is made me appreciate this house so much. I plan on spending all my remaining time inviting others over to enjoy it as well:-)

So I could write a few more chapters. But this already is disjointed enough. Just spewing some thoughts that are tucked into my brain.


Chelle said...

I am gearing up for a garage sale tomorrow and Friday......I can only HOPE that I have ha;f the success you had with last years!!! lol Throw me some of that luck over here k?? hehe Sorry this year's wasn't' as successful as last years though. You jsut never know with these things.

BTW..I LOVE that story of perspectives you had in your previous post. Awesome!

Blissfully Wed said...

Wish I lived in the area. I'd love the full tour.

Have a nice night.