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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Erotic Personality???

While visiting The 13th Floor, I came across this fun quiz. I decided to join the fun and here are my 'results'. Scary how accurate these things can be:

My Erotic Personality is The Escapist. Take the Erotic Personality Quiz on and discover yours!I took Sage Vivant's Erotic Personality Quiz and discovered I'm an Escapist!

What is your Erotic Personality? Find out now.

Reality is The Escapist’s least favorite place. Sex in another era or galaxy with other people would be ideal for this erotic personality—or so they believe. They also like to revise their own history and think about how great a certain sexual encounter or partner would have been if only this or that had happened. An Escapist’s fantasy life is active and rich, but it is characterized by fantasies that they’ve nurtured and cultivated to perfection. This is the mother of all erotic types and almost everyone has a bit of The Escapist in them. What makes this type a person’s dominant erotic personality, however, is how necessary the fantasies are for erotic fulfillment.


SeaRabbit said...

Isn't an amazing little quizz? I'm glad you took time to do it!!

Cherrie said...

I am . . .

a Partner! Aren't you amazed?

RONJAZZ said...

I'm a Student. Always learning new and daring things to share with her...or whomever...:)