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Thursday, August 30, 2007

HNT: Asleep On The Job

As I mentioned, we do an annual garage sale. The proceeds go to the kids school clothes. The main requirement is that they help out in some way. K spent all day Friday helping. Saturday was suppose to be D's turn.

Hmmm, this was his idea of helping:

SERIOUSLY,I'm not kidding.... he fell asleep on that bean bag...complete with his 'drawers' hanging out. At one point we were gonna put a FOR SALE sign on him. But we ended up waking him up when someone almost TRIPPED OVER HIM!!!! LOL

When we woke him up, it took forever for him to get off the ground, because he can't bend his left leg (he dislocated his knee cap a few weeks back....AGAIN). So not only did it take him a while but he did it all funky like. Some lady was walking up the walkway while D was getting up. He whispers to me "OMG Mom, I think I just flashed that lady my asscrack". I started laughing and he says "I"M NOT KIDDING".

He went straight into the house and wouldn't come out till she was gone.


ArtfulSub said...

Great pic among many great pics and posts on your blog. I'm book-marking it. And you should join Mute Mondays!

My son sported the waistband at thigh-level look once. We had a "chat".

Blissfully Wed said...

That's funny.

Bad Bad Girl said...

LOL! That's too funny!! Boys crack me up!

Polt said...

I'm sure if you put the sign on him, some old perv (like me) woulda tried to buy him. :)

Also, at least he was out of the way sleeping and then inside. that's helping out right? :)


Vixen said...

That is too funny. LOL!

Bunny said...

A 15-yr-old flasher, eh? LOL It's a demonstration of what a wonderful beanbag it is, right?


Blither said...

ROTF! Well.. Cute and Adorable. What more can you ask for.


SignGurl said...

Is it only me that can't see the picture?

tkkerouac said...

I can't see the photo...I bet its funny though, Happy HNT!
Great idea about the garage sale.

'Just Me' said...

Hmmmm, I reloaded it. Hopefully you can see it now. I can. LOL

TUG said...

I can't stop laughing! That was great!