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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Oh such fun! I got to go shopping for clothes today. My sister-in-law (and one of my bestest girlfriends) took me to the mall. It was fun to get out of the house, it was fun to go with a girlfriend to help pick out outfits with, it was fun modeling the clothes for someone else and it was fun going out to lunch. We laughed, chatted and had a great time.

We are going to L.A. for the weekend. We both are Cookie Lee Consultants; she is a full time consultant while I am a Personal Shopper....mostly for MYSELF. Anyway this weekend is their annual convention. So we are heading out of town for that. And of course we needed new clothes for our trip. LOL

So now I feel all fashionable! Unfortunately this is more of a business trip than pleasure. Not a whole lot of site seeing..but we will try to squeeze some in on Sunday before we have to head home.

Now I have only tomorrow to pack, make a grocery list for David, pick up the house AND run last minute errands.

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