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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life keeps getting in the way.

Yes, I have every intention of updating this blog. I always have lots to say. Yet life has been so crazy lately I just haven't had the time to get on here. It frustrates me...but I guess I shouldn't complain that my life is filled with 'busyness' :-)

I've been enjoying Summer. Entertained family from CA; been out of town, several times for relaxing vacations; been busy getting settled into the new house; enjoying lots of family/friends gatherings and birthdays.

Work is slow (Real Estate...blah). I'm working on getting my home office whipped into shape so I can be more efficent.

Done lots of cooking lately. And yes....even....BAKING. Who knew? LOL but I make a pretty mean Apple Crisp and Blueberry Cobbler!!!!

So hopefully I can get here more often. I have tons of recipes to share! Lots of pictures and fun stuff.

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