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Monday, January 28, 2008

Monday Weigh in and other ramblings.....

WAHOO. Another 4 pounds gone forever.
Total of 14 pounds since New Years.
I am 1 pound away from my mini goal!

I've planned out our dinners for the week, so I should be on tract. Breakfast and lunches are usually never a problem but sometimes dinners are. So by making a weekly menu I am hoping that will help.

It's a snowy day here.

I sleep with my cellphone either next to the bed or sometimes under my pillow. (I started this when the kids would be out and I would go to bed early.) ANYWAY, B uses my cell phone to talk to her friends a lot. They send her texts too.

So this morning, at 6:15, I woke up to my cell phone buzzing with a text message. It was B's best friend and it said "WAHOO...NO SCHOOL".

I was thinking WTF? So I get up and look out the window. COMPLETELY covered in snow. WOW. When I let the dogs out, I walked out into it and found out it was solid ice UNDER the snow.

David leaves early for work. He just now got there.....1 1/2 hour later!! I guess tons of roads are closed so he kept having to find an alternate way to get there. He said where he works, it is just dumping and doesn't look like it will stop.

So me and the kids are bunkered down in the house. Even K's college is closed!

I need to go to grocery store later to get meatballs.. I'm thinking I'll walk. Get some exercise, fresh air and enjoy the snow:-)

I'm still hacking...but my allergy pills seem to help.

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Ample Goddess Jewelry said...

Wahoo! Congrats on a big loss this week.