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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

This Ole House

I love my house.

We've been here 9 years. It's our first home (as homeOWNERS). It's nothing fancy..a basic rambler. The main thing I love about it is that the previous owner was a cabinet maker so its filled with custom cabinets, millwork and trim. And it does sit on an extra big lot; so it doesn't have that cramped in a neighborhood feel to it. Nevermind that McDonalds sits yards away (separated by an empty lot) and we are near the main highway into town. The location of it feels very private.

It sits at the edge of our small town, up a slight 'hill'. Sitting higher up, I have a great view of a lot of the town. Can see all the way to the other side. And if I stand on a chair and look out a side window, I can see over to McDonalds and the highway. (that's always fun since the police are constantly busting people in McDonalds parking lot!!!)

Our house would have a GREAT view of the mountains if the people across the street would cut down the three Evergreens that surround their house. But oh well, I know the mountain is there.....on the other side of those trees.

Like I said, other than custom cabinets; nothing fancy about the house. In fact, many projects are sitting here...waiting for us to finish so the house will be in better shape. Just the other day, we discussed putting in new windows. And my bathroom needs an overhaul for sure.

They say the kitchen is the heart of a home. I know mine is. My kitchen is large and very open. It's a kitchen and a dining room separated by a center island. Oh and I have a tv in there! Many times when we have friends over, they don't even make it down to other end of the house. We just all end up hanging out in the kitchen. My kitchen table has entertained numerous of my girlfiends. Sitting around the table, drinking wine and chatting the day away is what we like to do best.

Our backyard boasts a large fireplace. I've enjoyed sitting around the fire many nights with friends. Usually the adults hang out by the fire and the kids run wild in the backyard. I can even remember sleeping out there twice, in my lawnchair, watching the stars and keeping warm by the dying fire.

That empty lot? When we first moved here my kids spent hours over there; catching grasshoppers. Later they would play hide n seek when the owners got behind on their mowing and the grass was taller than the kids. Now it bears a beaten down path from where they walk back and forth to McDonalds or the gas station to buy their treats.

Over the years we have heard whispers of plans for that empty lot. A strip mall? A library? A Taco Bell? I even heard rumours of them putting in a road on it to connect to the main highway.

So today, I found out their plans. And I feel so incredibly sad:-(

A road. Not just any road. But a road that would basically go through my house, right where my kitchen is.

Of course this means they have to buy our property. My husband thinks thats a good thing, if they offer us a good price. He says we can possibly get a new house or some land to build a house or an older house with bigger land..... but I don't want any of those. I want this house. This one with the crappy bathroom, failing windows and stained carpet.

I'm sure I'll get over it. I always entertained the idea of moving. But not for another 6 years till B~ was out of school. I'm sure its just too sudden for me. I can't wrap my brain around it. I'll get over it.

But, I love my house.


Regal said...

I hope it works out the best possible way for you.

Blissfully Wed said...

What a beautiful tribute to your home. My best to you with whatever happens.