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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Call me Syd the Sloth!

Still no camera:-(

I have to admit I haven't searched EVERYWHERE yet. There is that pit that I call a bedroom. And the bar is currently housing ANYTHING that doesn't have a designated place to go. So it could be there?

The problem is that I have been just too darn lazy to look. Honestly? I've been too darn lazy to do ANYTHING. I've managed to clean the kitchen. And I have managed to boss the kids into cleaning the living room and bathroom. But...THAT...IS...IT! I have a kazillion errands to run this week too. Every night I go to bed and think "okay tomorrow I am gonna get up early and go for a walk, then I am gonna get ready and run my errands, then I am gonna come back and work in the yard, then I am gonna......."

Morning comes.....ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ I"m sleeping away, tucked under the covers. UGH

I'm debating if I am lazy...or depressed. Seriously:-( The thing is I have started a great new eating program and have been feeling SOOO GREAT. So not sure what my deal is?

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