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Saturday, February 26, 2011


Been snowing ALL DAY LONG.  Wasn't expecting this.  (of course I haven't really been paying attention!).  I had big plans tonight.  Getting together with the gals I graduated with.  Well due to weather, it was postponed.  Boo Hoo.  I was really looking forward to tonight.  I had margarita fixings all ready, I had my outfit set out.  I guess I REALLY have cabin fever and needed to get out of house!!! 

So instead I am going next door to hang out with my sister in law, while the guys are off at a poker tournament.  I think we are doing dinner and a movie.  Eat, Pray, Love.  At least I am not stuck in the house again and have something exciting to do:-)

When they said this was a La Nina year..somehow I expected it during December......not into almost SPRING.  Oh well.....its purty to look at:....and FUN to play in.

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