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Monday, January 10, 2011

What a day!!!

I just gotta vent about my day yesterday!

We are having a snow storm. Dylan's car has been broke down for a few months so he occasionally borrows one of ours. (We have Davids truck and Kayleighs old Neon). Well Saturday night he was in the Neon and the tires are really bad on it and should not be driven in the snow. He was going around one of the roundabouts and slid into a curb and cracked a rim. I still don't know how bad it is, since he parked it at a friends house till the snow melts. (it won't make it up our driveway). So David has the truck to go back and forth to work (gas guzzler) and I am stuck home. I can occasionally borrow my moms  but still an inconvenience.

That's not even the worst thing! I had the best dinner planned for Brenna's birthday. Per her request, cchicken fettuccine alfredo, cesear salad, and garlic bread.. So I am getting ready to start dinner and David informs me we are out of propane. We use propane to heat the house, run our fireplaces AND for the cook top. I am clueless why we ran out, but maybe while we were on vacation, the fireplaces were run a little longer than normal? UGH

So I make adjustments and borrow my moms hotplates to boil noodles and cook sauce. I decide to bake chicken in oven and also use oven for the bread.

I'm getting back into my groove; using what I have available to make the dinner turn out good. I put chicken in the oven. And start to boil water for noodles. ALL of a sudden I hear a POP! Then icky smelling smoke. MY OVEN BLEW UP!!!! Can you believe it??? So David is swearing and I am trying to figure out what to do. Brenna tells me to saute the chicken. (DUH). So I pull out a cast iron pan and start sauteing 4 chicken breasts. Once that is done, then I go back to boiling noodles. THEN, I do the sauce.

In the meantime I decide no bread since I can't cook it. Well my mom brings up a toaster oven. So my counters are all crowded with extra appliances. I am running back and forth between toaster oven and little cook top to try to get dinner together. David keeps telling me to just cancel the dinner but I guess I took it as a challenge! LOL

We ended up eating over an hour late....BUT the fettuccine turned out sooooo delish!!!! In the end it worked out. Just a bit hectic.

So this morning, I call first thing to get the guy out here to fill our propane. Well of course, we are on a waiting list....and my house is getting colder and colder. (its at 59 right now). And I am worried because last time it snowed the truck got stuck in our driveway. LOL CROSS your fingers that he makes it here...and makes it up our driveway so we don't turn into popsicles!

SECOND call of the morning was to the appliance place. I needed to double check because this happened once before.  I need to refresh my memory on when and how much.  Well it was just a little over a year ago AND it cost $500 to fix. No warranty since this oven set wasn't bought from them, the oven is over 10 years old and the part only had a 90 day warranty. Well at this point there is no way I am paying another $500 dollars, for it to happen in another year. So looks like I will have to buy a new double oven set! UGH. Can't do that right away so will be without ovens for a few weeks.

So now I am sitting here, bundled up, cruising the Internet looking at double ovens.

How was your weekend??

UPDATE: Propane truck arrived AND made it up my driveway!!  House should be heating up soon.

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