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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bumps and Bruises..and much more

Three active kids and I have been to the ER with two of them....numerous times. Between the two, I've dealt with dislocated kneecaps, torn ligaments, sprained ankles, many broken fingers, a broken wrist, a broken nose (and surgery to correct it), MRI's, Xrays, stitches, rides in ambulances. Our bathroom closet looks like a cabinet you would find in a hospital; full of various braces, slings, wraps, neck braces, gauze, splints ect.

This was taken last month. The day after D, dislocated his kneecap for the SECOND TIME. The first time, was last year, during football practice. I got to ride to hospital in the ambulance with him. NOT FUN.

Flash forward a full year. He decided to not play football this year. So he is playing basketball at the park and I get a phone call from his buddy. He did it AGAIN. So guess what? ANOTHER trip ER in an ambulance with him. This time around, he felt better...sooner. But he is wearing the brace longer...although off crutches.

The doctor is suggesting surgery. D is freaking out...but he is also tired of this happening. So we will see.

You'd think I would be a pro at this by now. But each time something like this happens and I FREAK out...on the inside. Seriously, I remain calm and cool to the kids and everyone else. But it takes me a while to recover from these incidents. I'm not sure how many more I can take?

I think I am putting B in a bubble so I don't have to do this with her too.

1 comment:

Chelle said...

oh man...your son sounds like my 16 yr old. Every time he tried to play football, he got injured. IN his case it was even before regular games started. There is always something with at least one kid, eh?

The bubble idea sounds good to me !! lol