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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Nana's Roses

Thirteen years ago, my Nana passed away.  It was a really hard time and hit David, me and the kids really hard.  I had some wonderful friends give me a gift certificate to a local nursery and advised us to buy something special in her memory.  I spent months researching exactly what kind of plant I wanted in her memory.  Even though I do NOT have much success with any sort of plant that requires any sort of tending to; I decided on a rose bush.  Then I spent more time deciding what color/kind.   Finally found one that fit perfect.  'Touch of Class'.  It was an orangy/pink color and fit my Nana to a tee.

We designed a Peace Garden, where we planted the rose along with some other plants.  The garden was behind a big outdoor fireplace/grill so was semi private and secluded.  It had a stone bench.  I added a bird bath and other features.  For a few years it thrived and was a really peaceful place to go and reflect.  Then I got involved in other things and it grew into an ugly mess.  Although David would always weed around the rose bush. 

Three years ago we moved.  We rented out our old home and left the rose there.  David would go by occasionally and make sure it was still there!  When the renters moved out, David decided to dig the rose bush up and bring it to our new home. 

For the last three years, David thought it was dead.  But he kept tending to it.  Several times he thought it was gonna bloom and the deer would munch on it.  But he never gave up on it!!!

Yesterday as I drove down the driveway I saw a hint of orange in his normally green garden.  I thought maybe a weed?  Well tonight he came running in house with a big ole smile on his face and said "Nana's roses finally bloomed!"  And this is what he brought me:

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glyza said...

hope she could still see the roses. deer antler velvet