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Thursday, February 18, 2010

I hit a Personal Best

Sooo, I have made the commitment (along with several friends) to participate in the St. Paddys Day Dash.  It's a 5k+ (3.8mile) walk/run in Seattle.  It is sponsored by the Detlef Schremph Foundation.  I have a fondness for oldest daughter met him when she was about 5.  He was really nice to her, signed his picture for her daddy and complimented her on how cute and polite she was:-)  The Dash and the Detlef Foundation is raising proceeds to Dash Autism.  

I have been training since the beginning of the year.  Yesterday I hit my "personal best".  While in Snohomish I decided to stop at the Centennial Trail.  I walked it from the beginning in Snohomish to the Pilchuck trailhead.  I estimated it 1 1/2 mile each way.  Tried to find it online and all I could find was a reference in this wonderful blog

I figure I walked AT LEAST 3 miles.  Took me an hour, knees were sore...but I DID IT!!!!  The furthest I have gone so far:-)


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