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Monday, November 16, 2009

Blog Recomendation

Love, Love, Love this new blog. And her recipes are to die for.

Check it out.
The Hazel Bloom


Sonia said...

RIGHT?!!! Isn't she great?!
Did you know that she's the one who introduced me to Brian?

Christina said...

WHAT? OMG...I love her even more now! :-)
I knew you KNEW her but not like that.
Thanks again for introducing herself to me!!!

Christina said...

okay...I've had a few glass of wine. I meant thanks for introducing her to me. LOL

Kare said...

Thank you so much, Christina (and Sonia)!

I had no idea I'd get so many nice compliments... this is fun! ;)

Thanks again. :)

Anne said...

Thanks for the great recommendation and for saying hello! It's always great to find a fun new blog!

Sonia said...

You're welcome Christina AND Kare! :) My pleasure to introduce you two. :) Christina, Kare and I were room mates my first year of college.