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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving

For YEARS, I have this tradition of making pies the night before Thanksgiving. (I know I'm not the only one!) Even the years when someone else has offered to bring pies....I still make some. Its my little way of having a family tradition that I can count on....and maybe pass on to my girls. (neither who show much interest in cooking. LOL)

I usually make the basic pumpkin, pecan and apple pies. Once in a while I stray and add a new twist to the recipes, but always the same flavors of pie.

FLASHBACK to a few years ago. I had all my ingredients assembled early in the day and was just hanging out...waiting to start. I was watching Oprah and she had Racheal Ray on. They were making Pomegrante Martini's. I got a wild hair; looked up recipe online....and ran out the door to grocery store and liquor store.

Lets just jump ahead a bit and say that I got WASTED...and none of my pies turned out that year. And my family has not let me live that down.

So this year, I making 4 pies. One each of basic pumpkin and pecan. And my sister in law requested a Chocolate Pecan Pie AND a Pumpkin Cream Pie. So that makes four. (no apple this year.)

Its pretty pathetic when I open a bottle of wine and my girls see me and groan "oh no....moms one eat the pies tomorrow!"


BUT...I have managed to maintain a decent buzz while making pies and not get too drunk! I'm sure my pies will turn out!!!

What do you think?????

EDIT: So I typed this as the pies were cooling. Left to go next door....only to come home a few hours later and discovered that the pecan pie was MISSING! After looking around, I found the empty pie plate on the floor. And Jake, the dog, acting very shameful!!! OMG he ate a whole pecan pie! Needless to say, he's sleeping in the garage tonight. Apparently I jinxed myself. I mentioned to Kayleigh about how in our other house, every year the cats would get into the pies...or there would be kitty footprints across the pie. This year we thought we were in the clear with only one cat who spends most of her time outside. Guess Jake just felt it was his turn!

I'm also trying a new side dish recipe. Fresh Corn with Wildrice

I will let you know what the verdict is on my 'drunken recipes'. hehehehehe

Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving. Give grateful for what you have and not dwell on what you don't:-)

Love to all.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Too funny....probably a great idea to ler Jake sleep in the garage =o)
How were the rest of the pies?