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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Home again...

Ahhh, while I had a wonderful vacation and did not want to return, now that I am home; I am glad. Course it helps that we came home to GREAT weather.

Yesterday I spent the day, unpacking and getting our stuff put away. Oh and did I mention LAUNDRY? Lots of it!

Today I am putting my house back in order. My mom entertained a bit up here and the floors are a diaster. LOL

ALSO....D hasn't been living at home for the last few months. He has been staying with random friends. Well he is now back home too:-) We are still adjusting and there needs to be a major talk between him and his dad; but I am sooo glad he is back home with us!!!

The rest of the week? I'll be preparing my K's 21st BDay Bash on Saturday. Complete with a live band and lots to drink. WAHOO......

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