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Monday, June 30, 2008

New Beginnings

Sooo, we are finally situated in our new home. OMG...I LOVE IT!!

With all the turmoil of the city wanting to buy our home and then being able to get into this one; its amazing how I feel. I lived in the other home for 10 years. It was our first home we owned. I loved it. I raised my kids there. I learned so much about myself while living there. I was so sad when I knew I would have to move. It will always have a special spot in my heart. The memories and friendships that were made there will be with me FOREVER.

But oddly I have jumped into this move with both feet and haven't looked back. Before we lived 'in town'. Now we live out of town on 6 acres. While I do sometimes miss the hustle/bustle of being in the middle of town (as much hustle/bustle that a small town has) I have adapted to being out in the "country".

While I don't have the sounds of the comings and goings of being in town; I am enjoying experiencing all the new sounds of the country. Birds, owls, coyotes at night, neighboring horses neighing, the rushing through the trees and PEACE and QUIET. I wake up every morning and drink my coffee on the back deck; listening to the birds chirping. At night I love to sit out there and wait to hear the local owl hooting. We've gone for many walks, exploring the neighborhood and trails.

Speaking of birds, I have gone a bit bird crazy. Binoculars, bird books, bird seed and feeders. But it is so fun to be able to spot new birds or the thrill of recognizing frequent visitors to my feeders.

The weirdest change? I am enjoying cleaning. LOL I have a nice routine and the house has been staying spotless. AMAZING. It's a new me!! But I love having my house look so nice:-)

We are still adjusting to it all. New mortgage, bigger "yard" to take care of, and my mom moved in downstairs. (that's an entirely other post!). But I LOVE IT HERE!!!! And I feel so complete right now in our life!


Ample Goddess Jewelry said...

I miss the piece and quiet of my old home. Enjoy it! Now what is it when we move into a new place that we start enjoying cleaning? lol

Anonymous said...

And your new home is SO BEAUTIFUL!!!! Your old home was beautiful too, the woodwork was to die for. But I soooooooo love your new place!!!

Sonia said...

Oh, that was me. DUH!