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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Mothers Day

My Mothers Day was good. The entire family (including brother and his family, my grampa and my mom) all went to the cabin. Spent the day there; visiting, eating and drinking mimosa's. :-)

Some highlights:
~~ In my card from the kids, my oldest daughter (19) wrote "you are a fucking awesome mom". When I read it aloud everyone assumed my son (16) wrote it.
~~ Offered the 19 year old a mimosa. She took a drink and said it was too alcoholy for her. The 16 year wants a sip. He does...then almost downs the glass. I take it from him and he says "hey, you offered her some, why not me". The 19 year old says "Because you ACTUALLY want it". LOL Words were never more true!!!!
~~ my youngest daughter (12) gave me a coupon for a free foot rub. And when she gave it to me, she says "I'm really gonna regret this". She has yet to honour her coupon. LOL

I think the best part of the day was my son actually spending time with us and appeared to like us for the day. LOL

Hope all the other moms out there enjoyed their big day.

1 comment:

Chelle said...

I didn't realize your kids were the same age as mine. Very cool :)

Sounds like you had a great mother's day !! My 19 year old daughter made us breakfast at he apartment.....that was a little different but very nice :) (She lives in Ontario and works and goes to school there...we were there for a wedding)

Happy belated Mom's Day :)